Welcome to Porcupine's used science fiction books website. I am Brian Ameringen, and have been a reader and collector of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror books for many years. I started Porcupine Books in 1998, and aim to supply you with the rare, curious and unusual books you want at modest prices.

On this website, you can read a little more about Porcupine, about how I grade, classify and attribute books, and how to order books and make payment.

I believe that you, the customer, has a right to expect books to be described accurately, both in terms of their Edition status and their Condition. I undertake to research the Edition status to the best of my ability and correct any errors.

Additionally the book Condition will quantify anything observed by me which detracts from the book’s condition, whether by its presence or by its absence. Although errors may occur, or flaws be unobserved, I make every effort to describe books fairly and accurately, and will never miss-describe a book, or omit salient details, in order to promote its sale.

Please note that books are returnable within two weeks for a full refund provided they are received in the same condition as when sent.

You can view or download a list of available Science Fiction Hardback Novels and Collections, or view available Science Fiction books in the following categories: Anthologies; Magazines; Young Adult; Non-Fiction and Pictorial which are updated monthly and a Crime and Detective section is also available. Or you can email me to receive my latest catalogue or discuss your 'wants' list.

The Gallery of covers is available through the Hardback Novels and Collections page.

Catalogues are distributed by email or post, quarterly, and the November Catalogue, with a link to a Gallery of some of the covers, is available Here until end November 2020

Information used for communication, Catalogue or parcel distribution is kept strictly private, is only used for its intended purpose and not divulged to any other organisation.

If you wish to telephone me (on +44 (0)20 8554 3799), please bear in mind that I am based in London, UK, and aim to achieve eight hours sleep between 10.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. each night. Your understanding is appreciated.

I'm also a Publisher with a book on the Genre's Award-Winning Books, Cinematic Productions, TV series and Graphic SF called Essential Science Fiction - A Concise Guide by Concatenation masterminds, Jonathan Cowie and Tony Chester. Email Me to reserve your copy (signed, if wished) today!

An enhanced and extended selection of my low-cost, high quality paperbacks are available through this site Paperback Room. Please note that here there is a minimum order value of £5 - but postage is charged at cost and packing is free! There are also a large number of uniform paperback sets; Ace Doubles, DAW paperbacks, large format paperbacks; Conan (and related) books; Film and TV Tie-in Novelisations and Spin-offs (including a large Star Trek selection); Anthologies; DragonLance; Crime, Detection and Miscellaneous, Signed Inscribed and Personalised, Badger Books paperbacks, some select £2 and even more select and more costly paperbacks, all available via the Paperback Room.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy your browse. If you're interested in other aspects of science fiction, you may like to take a look at my connections page which has some appropriate links. These include William Contento's Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections which is an invaluable resource for checking book contents, or if you're looking for specific short stories or an author's works.


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